Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oh Bushie! You dun have to go through all that trouble for lil' ol' new orleans!

Ah yes a bitter bush blog.

On tuesday Mr. Bush took full responsibility for the incredibly slow federal response to the devastation that overtook New Orleans. He spoke at a high school, carried wood in photographs, and told the natives that New Orleans needed its "soul" to be restored. Who better to tell the world about soul than George W. Bush?

George got soul, yes he do. George got about you??

He then was quoted as saying:

"I know you love New Orleans, and New Orleans needs you,'...'She needs people coming home. She needs people — she needs those saints to come marching back, is what she needs.”

I'm sorry but today I just felt something rise up my throat, and it's not soul....and it most certainly is not the saints marching.

Maybe I'm being a pessimist (for one of the few times of my life..eek!) but...ugh.

He also met privately with a few residents of New Orleans...but the white house will not disclose what their conversations were about....

I can't even make a blog out of this info. I can just sort of sit here with my mouth open having lost the ability to speak except for "gah, uh gah??"

Happy Wednesday!

Doctors Appt. tomorrow....EEK!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

First Grade Democrat.

I am writing this blog on behalf of my much younger brother Trey who loves attention.

And anything to do with a keyboard.

I am a painfully quiet person. Except on certain subjects. Our president, Mr. Bush is one of those subjects. While visiting my mother, stepfather, and of course Trey in new jersey last week we managed to get into an argument over the state of our country and other countries. Mostly in how things are perceived. I explained to my still 9/11 angry mother that she could not completely remark on people of the middle east in a derogatory manner, as every other country thought Americans were obese, stupid, and George Bush.

Trey immediately interjected with his high helium voice "Hey! He's our president!" Trey has reached the age where he MUST MUST MUST be included in every single conversation. I turned to him in the heat of the already heated conversation and said "Our president is a jerk." Now, Trey is without a doubt my buddy. He's depended on me to tell him the truth or take him on big boy rides and outings for about two years. Yes, I have told him Santa Claus is quite real. So is the tooth fairy. Yes, you can be a superhero when you grow up. He's seven in november, he can have the 7 year old truth's.

Yes Trey, it is ALL real. Except the boogeyman he's fake...don't worry about him.

Anyway, my mother immediately looked in shock. They live as one of about 4 democrat families in the entire town. Fearing her son would be ostracized she began the rant. Trey on the other hand seemed to be contemplating something very deep. His freckled nose scrunched, his eyebrows knitted and he let out a long "Hmmm". While my mother was telling me Trey would be beaten up by meaty republican worshipping omen children Trey suddenly interjected:

"The president is a jerk! A real real real jerk! He's mean and stupid and when we say the pledge of allegiance we shouldn't say it about him! He's wrong! He hurts people and he's wrong and ugly...."

This went on for about 3 minutes.

My mother, ready to strangle me I'm sure. (Trey is similar to me at that age in scrawniness, disliking any kind of violence, being very sensitive and similar delicacy...ugh) It's obvious WHERE Trey got his information from...My mother told him he couldn't think things like that. Trey now loud and angry told her it was the truth and that george washington said....

Trey quotes Washington (or something resembling it) often.

He then said he wished George Bush would just die.

Now it was bedtime and he marched up the stairs muttering endlessly. (Is it wrong that despite my wishing he hadn't hoped death on bush...I found this all endlessly endearing and funny?)

Laying in bed I told him that he WAS allowed to dislike bush, but it wasn't nice to hope someone would die. Then I explained karma.

Trey has taken that all in.

He is also now drawing pictures crossing out Bush and protesting on his front lawn, as well as explaining to people his views on the matter.

Some say it's whining. I believe it's much much more.

If you happen to be in the middle of new jersey and see an almost 7 year old standing on his lawn (probably wearing a shirt with a superhero or a skull on it) please ask him his views on America.

He has very much to say.

So I'll say goodbye in the words of Trey:

Hasta Da Bista (Hasta la vista), my bad, byyye byyyye and subway eat FRESH!

Trey watches a few too many commericials..

Lol night.

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P.S. Trey is on the right in the blue hat

Saturday, August 26, 2006

But Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

The morning after pill will now be available without prescription to anyone over 18 at all pharmacies.

However you will be reprimanded endlessly by your pharmacist, elderly women, and even little children you dirty dirty girls!

...just kidding.

Though there is some good controversy over the availability...and it's not from politicians...or Tom Cruise!

Women themselves all have very different opinions on the matter. Some feel it's an excuse to be "forgetful", others a reason for men not to use condoms. However, of course many women are relieved that the morning after pill will be much more available.

The truth is, accidents happen. It's good that there is a quick thing to do to protect yourself. But rather than the idea it will "increase promiscuity" and unprotected sex I do wonder what the long term effects of it when used very often. Everything else seems to have an effect.

Well, yay for modern medicine. Keep using the condoms kids.

Happy saturday night! I am inside with a cruddy cold here is some youtubeination!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Barbaro and Other Stories

Hey all!

According to recent reports Mr. Barbaro is doing just fine. He is wearing this fall's new fashion statement of a supportive sneaker, a neck brace, and his cast. He has a few blisters on his hip from antiseptics and sweating but otherwise his mood is excellent and he's been acting like a good normal horse. He's still receiving numerous gifts of apples and carrots and has even been sprinkled with holy water by well wishers. He hasn't needed any epidurals for weeks (yay!) and his sling hasn't been used either. His owners are incredibly caring of him and will spend as much money and care needed to help him.

I think he's going to make it.

In other news, my dog Muzzy has waged war on all those who keep her from mangos.

Hide your mangos.

She is a terrierorist!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Some Days It's Better To Go Natural

Mr. Natural. It doesn't really mean it all means shit folks. At least I hope not.
More or less I just needed R.Crumb. That's right R. Crumb.

Last night I saw the completely amazing New York Dolls live and free in South Street Seaport. Right up in the front getting mashed into the metal fence...ow but completely worth it. New stuff is good. Old stuff is amazing. Made the mistake of taking my friend who had no idea who they were. (Was quite bratty over it but who cares!) David Johansen was wearing a teenage girls shirt...and I pretty sure her jeans. Not too sure if there was a sock involved in those jeans. Same great energy and a surprisingly really calm crowd who only took to throwing empty water bottles.

Yay! Can scratch that off the imaginary list!

Happy Saturday! Will be back on track tomorrow :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Tidbits of Information

A few things to speak of:

In Britain, Private Harry Farr has been pardoned for not returning to the front line...during World War One. The soldier was executed at dawn on October 2, 1916 on the order of his officers. His descendents had been arguing for a pardon on the grounds that he was in shell shock. The government has later stated that it would seek Parliament's approval on pardoning the other 306 soldiers that were executed during World War One. Ninety years later.

I feel it's very important that this has and will occur. WW2 had so much propoganda, help from the rest of America, and overall respect for the soldiers whereas WW1 left the soldiers very much alone. Many young men died or were in fact "ruined". Many returned home to America to be forgotten and without shelter. They were a nasty reminder of what had happened. It is completely possible that Harry Farr and the other known 306 soldiers that were executed all were suffering from shell shock. Poison mustard gas, guns, and death surrounded them. It is impossible to believe that anyone could remain sane in those conditions.

The executions were about respect and duty. They wouldn't go back, they had failed.

It's still a crock of shit that ninety years later they would be pardoned. Many of these soldiers at their death were very young men just out of "teenagehood".

I don't know one person who has come back from THIS war anywhere the same. Or treated the same.

That's how it is with every war.

In other news, Michael Schiavo has been turned into political box office gold. Since the fiasco that involved Terri Schiavo's 15 year coma and death, he has been a "target" of the government (Oh aren't we all...kidding). The democrats have scooped up Schiavo as someone who is still angry at his own government intrusion. With all right he is still infuriated by the pressure that was put on the removal of his wife's feeding tube as that is how he felt she would have wanted it. Her parents adamantly refused and it started a very large battle. Where all the wonderful right wing christians came crying and screaming and holding glasses of water.

That's still pretty fresh in everyone's head it was not ninety years ago.

Well, good for the democrats. However it was still no one else's business. Religion and politics of course do not mix. (Unless your George Bush! Or Mel Gibson!)

To end off the blog on a sad note,Bruno Kirby died monday on complications related to leukemia. He was 57 years old. Despite the ideas of premature death...and what constitutes premature he was still young. Death comes as it comes. When it comes, a lifeline has run out. He will be very much missed.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Beat on the Brat

It's amazing how vulnerable I can be at really stupid things.

How many times in the world do we meet what is easiest put as just a self conscience bitch?

Someone with such little faith in themselves they make those they view as a threat to them (in any which way) miserable?

My name is Arabella. And I have a problem.

I take this crap too seriously!

Felt good to admit it.

A few days ago I met up with a few friends (Namely my friend Skylar, and a guy I know)

With them came a girl I'd only talked to once on the phone and heard of...and her friend whom I'd only heard of.

Seemed like a really nice basic day and night.

I did notice I was getting sized up by girl who will remain nameless.

But cutting past the story because I'm still too bothered by it to go into detail...

The next night apparently she completely badmouthed my friend Skylar and I.

I was told by my very honest guy friend.

Now, the insults hurled (best word) were on the absolute transparent bitch side of the road.

I won't go into detail about what she said about my friend Skylar except for the fact she felt skylar couldnt sing...which is very much not so.

My insults were mostly of the why does everyone think she's so special and attractive variety?

There's no way to go into detail on that I feel and not sound pompous and stupid lol.

She also was quick to announce I had been flirting viciously with my guy friend to his girlfriend.

Which is the absolute covering of her tracks because it's obvious I wasn't...and she had a large crush.

The things that bother me about this are simple. We did nothing to her, I'd known her for 6 hours and stayed out of her way, and she acted sweet as sugar to us that night and completely serpented tongued us the next.

What I hate is I knew I felt something off about her and I tried to ignore it.

What I hate more is that this bothers me so much.

I would completely dig some super advice right now.

Because no matter what I do I cannot get it out of my head.


Blah :(

Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's a flavorful life!

7 up is now made from about five flavors.

Five natural flavors.

I'm not quite sure how to take on the natural part.

It's like David Gest saying he's all natural.

You just can't believe it no matter what you do.

So where is this blog actually going to go?

To the competition!

Dr. Pepper now has a big ol' 23 on its label because IT has 23 flavors.

Imagine the people of dr. pepper sitting around and going "Five all natural flavors!!! Why we can't beat that!"

Oh ho ho, Dr. Pepperians but you can!

Why! Let's take all of our (not so) natural flavors and pop em on! Because the more flavors you got the more hep you are!

Yes these flavors are probably even less natural than 7-up's major five.

What I love is how much this reminds me of people I know...namely certain females.

In america the way to fight obesity seems to first start with utter denial and stay there for a few years.

(Actually that's the way we do a lot in america)

I love when no one actually works or exercises...

They walk around with a Jamba Juice.

Granted every once in awhile you'll find me with a jamba juice.

But more often you'll find me with a regular black coffee.

Jamba Juice makes you appear so very healthy.

Oh yes. Oh yes.

A similar idea (though I'm not sure of anyone with the mentality over 10 would do this) is to eat maraschino cherries by the bucketful with the serene conscience that they were cherries. And therefore quite healthy.

Yeah, eat two jars a day for a year and weigh yourself. See if anything changed.

Lol, denial denial denial.

It's not just a river in egypt, and it loves the fast food business.

So you can take your five flavors that are "natural" or your 23 that are vague.

Or you can drink water.

I still prefer coffee though.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Santie Claus, why? Why are you taking our democracy, why?

I'm a sucker for Dr. Seuss references and anything that refers to Bush as having a brain a few sizes too small.

Although I'm pretty sure there isn't a brain at all.

Oh look I can rhyme!

It's a beautiful day out in the neighborhood. I hope everyone has the same beautiful day...for the rest of august and mid september.

Happy friday!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

And the veterinarians all cheered in approval...

Barbaro the race horse is recovering quite nicely.


That's all I needed to hear.

He'll be available for interviews at Morning Martini's 6 month blog anniversary party getting smashed on all the free drinks.

Now that in all good faith he won't race again he'll be practicing how to be a charming drunk and make money by selling out in all the best ways possible

Week's half over! Happy wednesday afternoon!

What's up with that scheduled outage?

Monday, August 07, 2006

Didja happen to know what the sexy music does to those crazy teens?

According to a new study "sexy music" of any genre triggers teen sex.

According to my calculations, so does everything else.

It's nothing new, and it's not necessarily true.


Actually it's all true. Every last bit.

I listened to sexy music and I became a whore. I then listened to Dave Chapelle and became black and hated by comedy central. After that I listened to Stephen Colbert and became white...and FUNNY! But it didnt last long because I listened to some really depressed person, and i became depressed. Then I listened to Paris Hilton...and I became a whore again.

Then I listened to George W. and I became George W.

But don't worry I didn't kill myself.

Because I listened to my radiator. And in turn became a radiator.


No, correction again.

I became a radiator BEFORE George W. Because listening to a radiator makes you much smarter than listening to George W.

By a very large amount.

And yes, paris hilton is better to listen to than george bush. But I'm not sure if she's better to listen to than the radiator. I'll have to fix that later on.

Now, this study is true in certain respects. But do they really believe that if you take away the "sexy music" there will be very little sex?

NO! Everything is hormones!

However, it's all different for all different people.

I am the most vacant easily obstructed coreless sheep in the entire world.

I have no personality of my own.

Now, I'm going to pop in some "sexy music" and become a whore again.

Because this weekend was lame.

And being a whore is awesome! Right Paris?

(thats hot)

Too punchy to write anything of great value, will be back on cue tomorrow.

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, August 04, 2006

freed from freedom

A few years ago when dear ol' president bush decided that the way to bring America out of its quickly evolving "slump" was to re-name french fries and french toast freedom fries and freedom toast...every unimpressed american and/or french person was left to exclaim "wth?" or..."french fries are belgian and wait...where did french toast come from?"

The origins of french toast are not really well known.

However the brilliant idea of "freedom toast" comes from George W.'s pretty little head. Otherwise known as his ass.

Freedom toast and freedom fries have been quietly removed by congress.

I can't really hurrah over this considering something infinitely stupid that was started has been "corrected" (not the right word for this by the way) since something infinitely more stupid in the middle east is still going on and in all likelyhood will never be corrected.

Worth hurrahing over is that the heat wave will slowly be returning to something less than hell in an oven.