Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Muzz Chronicles

I'm waiting on the world turning green.

And all those wonderful colors it will turn in an instant!

The trees had begun to bloom I noticed while walking Muzzy and contemplating very little. Just one of those dizzy brain days where a migraine is sneaking up behind you with a nasty little grin.

And all you can do is grimace and bare it.

Muzzy the brindled mongrel who attracted quite a lot of attention on a regular basis as she clucks and sings her way down the street...

"Why is she doing that?"

"She's happy and wants everyone included in that."

...And Muzzy the notorious flirt who loves and leaves onto her next crazed pooch admirer. Well this time Muzzy sought out a dog. A quiet, sweet, and shaved for the summer lab. Cluck, cluck, woo, woo, bark, bark...sniff ass, sniff ass.

Amidst the crazy spring love, of course came the reason for a walk. Marking one's territory profusely...And that's where the blogger, yours truly got a little messy.

Dropping down to pick up (As I'm such a premium New York dog owner)...also known as Muzzy's least favorite thing...

"How DARE you pick that up!!!! It's there for a reason! Cluck, cluck, woo, woo, woof, bark, moo!"

Muzzy slips out of her collar! And begins to frolic! Barking happily at other dogs who bark at her happily back...after a few seconds of complete panic I got hold of her and slipped her collar back on. And threw out her addition to the pavement. Not realizing that quite a lot of it had wound up on my hands and jeans. This made her very happy. So happy that people couldn't help but come up to us and say how adorable she was, how sweet, how happy!

Of course she's happy.

Thanks Muzz.

Well, we got home without being noticed by too many people as the new "poo poo platter".

And as for me, some people do rain dances to make the rain come.

I'll do a fertilizer dance to make the trees bloom.

So there's where one of my few Saturdays in the city went.

Have a great weekend!



Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Fool On The Hill

I absolutely love this song and video and was struck with an immense need to post it.

An anthem for all who live in their own heads :)

Monday, March 26, 2007

You Push For Bush?

Oh the trials of being part of the generation that never votes!

Well, at least some aren't too inclined.

For instance, no one my age to talk to about it. Of course it's so easy to just call Bush an idiot (it IS true) but no one has anything else to say. It just sounds remarkably intelligent and suave to their ears.

"Dude, Bush is like such an asswipe and an idiot."

Obvious...Yet not as detailed as I'd like to hear. Nor as intelligent.

Asswipe? Asswipe?!


The worst folks though (not just basic commenter's but really must be quite delusional) are the ones who kind of coo over Bush simply because it's the opposite of what others are doing. It's not rooting for the underdog...It's just someone trying to be viewed as having independent thought. It just isn't my cup of tea. I'm not saying people should follow all packs, I'm just saying it's a little off to do something opposite than everyone else JUST to appear original. Try something a little more creative. It may take time, you might not get acclaim for it. You might not be able to wear it on your tee shirt (OH HOW MY GENERATION WILL SUFFER!!!!) but you will be better off.

It's not original, it isn't as intelligent as one would like it to be, and it's more than a little silly.

People who are for Bush (I won't even start), you're in the dark. I don't know how you could possibly be in the dark. I don't know why you voted for him TWICE if you did...BUT that's your mindset. It would be great if you tried something else but hey, you might not want to.

So who am I voting for?

No idea.

I'm completely split.

"You mean we could have a woman OR a black man as president????" AWESOME!

Does that mean I think that either one is the best choice at the moment? No. I think Obama is extremely intelligent and charming (For crying out loud can we have a charming president again??) and Hilary is also extremely intelligent...And a woman.

If I don't vote for Hilary does that mean I'm a traitor to my sex?

I don't know. I don't know if I'll vote for her. I think she could screw up monumentally.

I think Edwards for the moment is a good bet for the country at this time. I don't know if I'll vote for him either.

And if Al Gore finally stops being a tease...

Then all bets are off!

I vote for Gore ;)

...I don't think he'll be running though.

Have a great Monday!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Go Forth To The Meadowlands!

I went to Beatlefest (or known as The Fest For Beatle Fans???...Okay Apple is on a mission) on Saturday and of course have decided I'd prefer to live IN Beatlefest.

Yes, honestly.

I am never more in my element than sitting on the floor somewhere doing something or nothing and listening to a band play. It absolutely charges that up when someone is playing The Beatles. Probably the best fest I've been to. They had a killer group of people there including Bob Gruen, the original Quarry Men, Paul Saltzman, Mark Hudson, The Smithereens (because of their new album "Meet The Smithereens"...They did a great job, GO GET IT!) and a lot of other great guests. The Smithereens did an absolutely amazing performance. I was in one place for 10 hours which is incredibly strange for me but honestly I would want to live in Beatlefest, sounds terrible...BUT I would. It gets to be the most relaxed, happy, and fantastically cool time.

At the very end of the night I stood on the slowest line for Mark Hudson's autograph (he'll actually talk to you, it isn't a cafeteria line...grab your gruel and go go go!) something I never do (I never really find a need for autographs, who knows?) and am completely thrilled I did so.

My hair was up in the tell tale "you just didn't want to listen to me today did you?" bun and he commented that down it must have looked very beautiful, crazy, and wild and not to ever change it.

And when Mark Hudson tells you to do or not do something...You listen. :)


Have a great week!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Captain's Log ABCDEFG A.D.

Spring! Winter has finally unglued itself.

A few days ago my friend and I compared notes on why winter hadn't left. I didn't really give her too much of a chance for her explanation as I quickly gave my two explanations...Hers would have been much too much realistic at this point.

"Well, it did come late this year..."

One: Winter is the rich spoiled party guest that arrived late. Got very drunk and danced on your tables topless (while no one wanted her to), cried hysterically over something and is now passed out in your bathroom refusing to leave...After vomiting on your shoes. Just because you came late doesn't mean the party didn't end!

Okay horrible analogy. Funny though when it was 14 degrees out.

Two: Mother Nature is going through a horrible breakup and can't deal. (Global Warning isn't helping her either) She's been eating Ben and Jerry's and watching Lifetime movies. Give her some time.

So, Winter is every one's Hilton sister from Hell, and Mother Nature needed some time.

Note to self: Get more sleep.

Spent today with Dad walking downtown. He has a lot of history there so we made good conversation...We usually do. I don't understand that whole "rebel against your parents" clause the youngsters create. I like my parents. I'm friends with my parents. Rebel against what?

My big form of "rebellion" was to stick a stud in my nose...Which I then decided I didn't like...It lasted all of a week! Otherwise it seemed silly. My father would just roll his eyes and my mother would have sworn she'd done it first.

Actually she probably would have done it already...But she needs to make sure we all know she did it first. Because she did. Okay. (Heehee)

It was a great day for clothing, babies, and dogs; we commented. Everything he pointed out had a story or someone famous attached to it. I was thrilled to see Screaming Mimi's had not become a trap for the dreaded "baditude". Still wonderful, and amazing. And on the way back I fell in love with a pink tweed hat on a vendor's stand. All in all a fantastic day. :)

As for the rest of the week: pray the weather stays beautiful, kiss the dog, get my freckles back, and on St. Patricks Day go to Beatlefest.

How do you say "Trekkie" in Liverpudlian?

Have a good day!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I said my friend what do you mean?

As I'm writing this I'm looking up at the autographed photo of Harry Nilsson standing in front of the Eiffel Tower that was given to my dad as a gift from his friend Dawn. Also a HarryHead. And an excellent rock journalist. I always found it interesting that the photo of Harry went right above my father's computer where he worked endlessly. Yes, I inherited a love. My father bought me my first Beatles album, and he put on Nilsson all the time.

I remember spinning round and round (yes this was my great high) while listening to music. I also remember breaking a few c.d. players that way. I think three actually. I had to quit spinning. And by the way, that was very hard to do.

People usually understand why you love The Beatles. They accept it. It's hard not to at least admire the music. When you tell someone you dig Harry Nilsson you usually get a "Huh?" or "Hey, that's the guy who got Lennon drunk! They were crazy!"

But there's always the golden moment that you wait hopefully for when someone responds to you with "Harry!!!" They're usually just as pleased that not only a. they're not alone in that love and b. someone else is listening to Harry. What I've noticed is every Harry Nilsson fan wants everyone else to know who Harry is. Listen to the music, just listen. You have to know his music, you maybe don't know him but you'll know a lot of the music.

I can't really find enough words to explain Harry Nilsson without saying "Brilliant!" and "Heartfelt" a lot. And that's just repetitive. The truth is it's very hard NOT to like Harry.

So as a true HarryHead I'm plugging:

Zip through YouTube and check this trailer at the bottom of the page out! It's for a documentary on Harry's life that has been popping up in film festivals around America. If there was ever a person or story in music that could mix the gritty, soft, joyful, sad, and altogether interesting soul...This is it.

So toast a Brandy Alexander and check him out :)

Love and Schmisses,