Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cold Kickin Fruity Goodness

Having almost beaten the dreaded dinky cold down with the lovely power of fruit smoothies and soup, my mood is up and much better...And less clouded.

Thank goodness!

I got very lucky over the past few days and found quite a few good films to watch:

Little Miss Sunshine is great, Strangers with Candy is...Strangers with Candy heehee, and New York Doll was an excellent look into Arthur "Killer" Kane.

This was much better than my usual sick and bored and unable to read or sketch routine.

I then spent the rest of the evening teeheeing with my father on iTunes. We bonded over excellent 60's pop...and covered our ears at bad covers of excellent 60's pop.

He started the evening by showing me how he injected himself with the meds and showing me his very pointy needle (forgetting my giant fear of needles and possibly not noticing the look of woozy terror on my face) while making jokes at meds expense.

Meds were not totally put off by that.

And oh my god it just started snowing, giant big fat flurries floating about tantalizing my fish who looks just a bit worried...And it's sticking!

Finally it's the end of January and I get my snow...Otherwise winter's just a bit depressing don't you think?

I am so incredibly pleased.

Now, this is for a certain sir who told me that "Once you've seen one Charlie Chaplin movie, you've seen them all!"

Sir I feh you again :)


Happy snowy Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Ever Important Mondays

It finally started to snow on the upper east side. A few flurries past midnight and I'm very pleased.

Since I'm such a lover of denim I found this interesting;

Levi's Jeans is on a suing rampage. Their back pocket design (which looks like the childlike drawings of a bird mainly seagulls) have been copied or emulated through many other companies. Apparently it's a trademarked design. Of course this is nothing new as everyone copies everything by accident or on purpose. Big bad Levi's has been able to intimidate many lesser brands into taking their copies off the racks. The company will not stop until all brands whose back pockets resemble the original Levi's design are taken off shelves and production (or re-production) is ceased.

I don't have an opinion, only am wondering if I have any knockoff seagulls flapping on my flap pockets...and if the Levi's police will come to take them and me away.

Quick! To the underground shelter!

In more political news, women (thanks to political speakers such as Pelosi or Clinton) are coming out of their pineapple up the rear, stiff edged and hard jawed political selves. In the past, women in politics (or planning a career in)were advised to play down their "softer, motherly sides" for a tougher and less emotional appearance. The idea being that a women who was a gentle caring person with a family would come off as a little too feeble minded for politics. Really all this just gave way to homophobic labeling of lesbian.

Was it so terrible to be something other than sterile and cold? Isn't it on the whole much easier to identify and feel comfortable with people because of their humanity?

However there is that minority of people with pineapple's up their rears.

So maybe it was all a play up to them.

Actually I think it's more of a majority.


Well, it's Monday and I have the tell tale cold. I'm using that sinus stuffed woozy feeling to truly enjoy "What's New Pussycat?".

Peter O'Toole's so pretty.

I am so bored! Have a great Monday!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday Blues

Hmm, Monday.

I'm not the biggest fan of Mondays.

Let's see, January is almost over so of course winter is here at full speed (it got lost along the way...Either that or it took an extended vacation)and so mostly it's cold. I trudged out to New Jersey to visit my mom and teach my much younger brother to ice skate...As well as help pull other children off the sides of the wall in hysterics.

"Are you okay? Do you want to skate with us?"

"No. I can do it myself!"

"Okay, if you want to just holler."

2 minutes later...


Brought my own skates, the giant cushioned ones that look much more intimidating than they are...Really, just stick out your hand and let them sniff and their tongues will lick you. A wonderful change from the leather/canvas blister twins that every little girl must wear as an ice skater....Dammit.

The dammit probably came from my grandmother who decided at some point I would either be a figure skater or a famous dancer. I didn't really want to, or have the feet for either but it was such a big deal for her...So it happened.

In interesting news,

There's a plan in the works to take out the middle man, otherwise known as middle school.

Which prompts the question: What is worse, middle or high school?

I vote middle. I disliked high school quite a bit but middle was just confusing...And people were a lot meaner in middle schoool then in high school.

Anyway the plan is to just extend schools to k-8. Which sounds fine.

But of course now this topic has brought me back to high school. In middle school I was sad. In high school I was in trouble. And not bad kid trouble. I never fought and I was so quiet people thought I was either mute or did not speak English.

I was in teacher trouble. Teachers swore I wasn't writing my own papers, or the books I was reading weren't recommended (I was told Slaughter House 5 was a grotesque novel), I wasn't allowed any art classes, and I've always read quickly but apparently I was lying about that as well. My favorite though was being sent to the social worker who asked me if I wanted to kill anyone in my school (Um, no never. Why?), if my mother had affairs with the neighbors (No.), and if I hated anyone of a different color or sexual orientation for that very reason(No, of course not).

Then he asked: "So why do you hate Jesus?" I didn't hate Jesus. I just didn't think I should have to write about him in public school. I also didn't think he was apparent in every single novel. Every essay or book report had to acknowledge Jesus. I didn't want to, so I didn't. But of course I got very passive aggressive and when a teacher would ask for a six page essay...I would hand in a 15 page one with teeny tiny print. I was a pain in the ass. So I'd get sent back down to the social worker. Who was a guidance counselor with a fancier title. But, at least in high school I had a better idea or who I was than in middle school.

I don't recommend starting any trouble in high school unless you're sure it's absolutely necessary.

So for a boring Monday rant...There you go.

So Hilary's in the running...And telling off Bush. Good.

Happy Monday :)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Where The Buffalo Roam

For What It's Worth-Buffalo Springfield

Happy Saturday Night...when do we get to run the bush association out of office on a rail?

Peace :)

Foot By Foot, Inch By Inch

Two teenage boys were returned home after being abducted. One had been missing for a week or so and the other for four years. They're in pretty good shape at the moment. I wish them the best lives and hope that they'll be alright. And that the man who abducted them is sent away. Or provided serious help. There isn't much information out and the moment about the two boys except that they've been returned quite happily to their families....good. A media circus would have been trauma upon trauma.

Hoping for the best for them.

I tripped my way over to a friends house who was home for the weekend from school...I literally tripped. A long line of ouch and prays that my shoes would stay on my feet until I got to her house from the subway. Bad shoe choice. Too big and sockless...eek!

We met up and after me pleading with her not to get the "dangerous and if badly done you will bleed internally" tongue piercing (out of boredom of course)we went to get lunch. On the way she informed me she had not taken her medication (yes seriously) and giggled. .

We wander into this fantastic looking restaurant, all wood and completely run by "just out of Ireland" waiters.Friend sits down across from me and begins the rant that basically forms our friendship...

Were those guys outside staring at me or you?

Was that man paying attention to you?

Is the waiter flirting with me or you?

What do you mean you weren't paying attention? If he's staring at you I'm going to be pissed...What the hell does everyone like about you anyway?

...Medication is an excellent creation.

I've always liked to observe more than be the center of anything so watching my friend can either be incredibly amusing...And great for art!..OR well...nauseating.

In other words she drives me bananas and I don't see her too often.

Throughout the meal she put on a fake Irish accent hoping to attract attention. It didn't work, she wanted to leave...and I was to get to work on cutting hair.

I colored and cut her mother's of the few great things of the day I love seeing her mother she's a wonderful person and I love cutting hair. Then her boyfriend's hair. Ahh the boyfriend. Who I think has a slight foot fetish. But an in the closet foot fetish. He's like those Republicans who swear how horrible homosexuality is (sigh) and are in fact well....Paging Mr. Foley!

He often announces how disgusting and weird feet are...but likes to stare at them in private and often asks to touch them. As I was cutting his hair he looked down and know you have really nice feet, would you like a foot massage?

No thank you :)

So what have we learned? It will be about three months until we hang out again. I will call ahead and ask her if she is on lovely meds.

And I will get better flats.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm in the mood for spring, simply because you're near me.

...Well, you were.

Yesterday was an incredibly beautiful day. I'd gone to New Jersey to visit my mother and managed to drag her back into the city unaccompanied for a few hours.

Which were spent winding about Central Park.

Hello Alice,

Hello lovely children on Alice,

Hello crab apple teenagers moping about Alice,

GOODBYE crab apple teenagers....

Hello Hans.

No children have ever really climbed on Mr. Anderson or his duckling who gazes. I think I did a handful of times but he never held as much appeal as the "Alice Statue". It was always a grand triumph to climb to the top of Alice and whisper in her ear. Then climb on top of her head and watch the ducks in the pond. Hans Christian Anderson (as wonderful as the statue is to look at now) wasn't as recognizable as Alice and the Wonderlanders.

I only took a few pictures yesterday. Too busy trying to sort things out with my mother, too busy saying hello to children, too busy wondering if I wanted it to stay warm or I wanted snow.

Truthfully I'd like a warm snow with lot's of sunlight, a bit of dewy rain, flowers blooming everywhere, and a side of broccoli stay.

But I'd rather not rush a good part of the year and let it go as it wants to.

Today was gas. Everything was all about gas. But was it a gas? No, but not worrysome either.


As for politics?

Bush is still an idiot and Bloomberg is O-tay.

It's only Monday.

Hope anyone and everyone had a great weekend!

Monday, January 01, 2007


Well, New Years Eve did not need a part two or three...mostly from the lack of interest in going into it.

Their were a few good moments....and quite a few bad ones. All will be memorable in one way or another.

The main moment was as the ball dropped and 2006 turned to 2007 I wondered WHAT am I doing here?

It was a moment I would have rather spent with family. In fact in the beginning I wanted to spend it with family...but guilt inducing phone calls made me try to reconsider.

Today was spent in that lovely tired euphoria when I woke up and it actually hit me that today was the last day of eighteen...which had been a very good year. I spent the day muddling about with a very small camera about the size of an average thumb that had been a gift.

I was quite pleased to see that it worked and enjoyed the gritty quality of the photos. My model?

Muzzy of course. The camera has no flash so she was very much happy to oblige.

I'd much rather show photos of Muzzy the Moocher than talk about any politics or rants tonight :)

Have a great day all!!!