Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ghostest To The Mostest

I have a brand new hostess or host, who presumably is a ghost.

Another nice quality to living in New York. Many strange things can occur...Often wonderful...Or as we in Muzzy's home put in "wunnerful".

Said ghost feels the need to run about and mess with all sorts of technological advances of mine.

At the moment, it has put my c.d. player on the fritz.

I think it is my friend's father. Anyone else ever have a ghost? Or two? Of family or stranger?

Ghosts are an interesting breed. My mother's house tends to move or steal jewelry and there's an elderly woman who often appears at night. My little brother has also seen a little boy and I'm pretty sure there's a little blond girl hanging about. Her house is way over one hundred years old so it isn't too surprising.

Other beings lurking around in the apartment? Mice. Very small, cute mice. The building has been overrun with them. Last night a piece of tin foil Muzzy had scrapped from the garbage began to move about on the floor. Hello Mouse!

I don't mind seeing a mouse run about every once in awhile...But please don't have little mousey babies and take over!

My vintage platform shoes went bust! in the middle of 55th and Lexington. Still no word from shoe repair man if they survived.

People are still acting like angry baboons over yet another Nintendo creation. It's a box that plays games...Badly.

Is it really all that important?

The president of Iran; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has sent out a message to "noble Americans"...In it he states that he felt America detested Bush's policies (Quite a few at least) and basically we as Americans (noble Americans) had been fooled into believing and accepting Bush's ideas and changes to the Middle East. My question: Did we have a choice? Unless you were behind Bush to an insane point of love and devotion, no one really wanted war.

Sure, quite a lot of Americans have pushed the nasty little thoughts of what's been going on in the Middle East out of their pretty little heads...We all knew that. It still isn't really known what Ahmadinejad's intentions are with this letter. It is quite clear he wants people to stand up and discard Bush (No problem there did it 6 years ago.)but whether or not there's some grandiose plan involved or if this is just a plea still goes unsaid.

The letter was published as a open letter in English on the internet.

Well, it's Thursday. Tomorrow is the first of December...WOW! Where did all that time go!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pink Elephants On Parade

I am in the mood for something new. It's a normal occurrence for everyone in the world, we like a little change after awhile.
Where to go, what to do?
One, I'd like to start using oil paints again. I believe I mastered the sometimes illusive art of layering paint to look like something. Other than a splat.
Although I rather enjoy splats.

My friend called me today telling me what she wanted for her birthday...I told her I rarely asked what people wanted...she told me anyway.

"I want a baby ferret"

I felt my heart sink. My friend treated animals like accessories. They were there to make her look cooler or nicer or more interesting. She'd bought frogs on a whim and hadn't properly taken care of them, she went on a Siamese fish run and bought about eight; one who was later rescued from her toilet bowl and became the infamous Cool Yule. She believed in caging guinea pigs and rabbits, when her friends cat gave birth she immediately wanted one of the kittens..she would not wait and took one of the kittens home who was weak from being separated from her mother so soon. The kitten survived...became supposedly an angry beast (I'll find out for myself soon enough) and was given away to an upstairs neighbor. For awhile she wanted a parrot whom she planned on locking in her claustrophobic very dark room until she wanted to walk on the street with it. The bird had had it's wings clipped...grrr, terrible! she saw no problem.

Now the ferret. A wonderful animal, incredibly intelligent and curious. I explained they crawled everywhere and chewed through wires.

Her response:

"Uh, hello? Ever heard of cages?"

Okay you're going to leave the poor animal in a cage and I'm starting to lose it! I am going to actually throw red paint on you!(and I don't even like PETA!...they're a little nuts.)

"Okay so how about a chinchilla?"

I didn't really have a good answer for that. They need very expensive big homes was about all I could manage.

I love my friend. I think when it comes to a lot she's deranged. We are complete opposites when it comes to quite a bit...including animals.

Most animals tend to like me. They don't always like her. They sense danger! I have animals with pretty long lives. She calls them nasty names and they die..she's also only home every other weekend.

Please please don't let her get another pet. For pet's sake. Otherwise I will become SUPERBIRDIES! Protector of the furry, slimy, and often scaly!

Until then meet my friend.

The Grim Fureaper.

The Rolling Stones "Under My Thumb"

Have a great Sunday and Monday! I'll be back with less rants and more intellect!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


There is nothing quite as thrilling as the perfect ribbon red.

Red in fact can be quite unpleasing to look at. It stems from garish to bitter. Red lipstick can be horrible or perfect. But the perfect red can have more value and effect than any other color in the world.

It also is intensely mood altering. Red is a feared color. A bad red screams harlot. An even worse red whispers death.

Then there is in my opinion the best red, ribbon red. The same color that has been used for the Aids ribbon. It is impossible not to recognize and the eye immediately trails onto it.

In Le Ballon Rouge, Pascal follows and is followed by his new friend a red balloon. Against the rainy backdrop of France the balloon pops. It does not pop in an angry way. There is nothing to the balloon that forces you to watch it, you do not want to turn away as the color bleeds into your memory. It's a happy red. Bright with only the lightest blue tinge to keep it cool.

Maybe I just have a thing for a good red. As a baby I liked to watch Maureen O'Hara in the middle of the night with my father. I liked the color of her hair.


A darker red makes even the daftest feel intellectual and "with it".

Whatever it may be. :)

Although it's a primary color it's "perfect" hue can be a pain to try and mix. One step off and you're 18 million shades and paces from where'd you like to be...or look.

It's also an alluding cosmetic. Red hair dye fades faster than any other color. Red lipstick is sexually alluring and daring again.

Red roses sell the most.

Red signifies many,many things.

The same red that people may signify with love is also signified with "seeing red".

Snow White's mother prayed for "a baby rosy as the blood" (in some versions she only has lips as red as a rose, or lips as red as blood...many variations)


It is the most tempermental of hues.

And most worth it when it's perfect :)


Monday, November 13, 2006

Bringing Troops Home

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Since the amazing overturn of Americans voting democrat the democratic leaders of the senate have vowed to use their obvious outnumbering to the repubican party to decrease the amount of troops fighting in Iraq. In other words they'll be pushing for reduction and bringing many soldiers back. As many republicans have believed in the past that more soldiers dying in Iraq was a much better plan, many are not thrilled.

Although Bush is doing a semi good job of pretending to be on board by stating he is open not only to "fresh ideas" but a "fresh look".

If I were Bush, I'd want a fresh look too.

As for the ideas, well god knows a puppet can't really come up with any new ideas in the first place.

Republican Senator John McCain has said that it is true the current situation is bad in Iraq but to decrease American soldiers would make the situation even more chaotic.

I'm not really a fan of John McCain, I think he is a kiss ass and a liar.

He also believes that any sort of signal to the Iraqi people that American soldiers were being sent back and that the army was smaller would basically erupt into America getting it's rear kicked to the curb by the Middle East.

Well, yes.

There would be a problem, but there already is a problem! There are quite a few actually. Why are we risking so many lives in this war that obviously has no end?

Let's go over some major American wars here:

World War One: Necessary. Horrible outcome for American soldiers but yes actually necessary.

World War Two: Necessary. Also bad outcomes for many, many people but a huge amount of patriotism from America towards their soldiers...unlike World War One.

Vietnam: Necessary? Not really. However, every single soldier that fought in that war I have the utmost respect for. War is a terrible thing. Some of the soldiers felt they were doing the right american thing others were drafted and didn't have a choice. The news coverage though during the war was incredible. The fact that Americans could watch their T.V. and see what was actually going on is such a weird thought when you think about this war now. You could see murder, and put faces to unimaginable acts. People in pain. People crying. It was stark reality in all of its shock.

Now this war, it isn't World War Three because who else is involved? Who else was ignorant enough to get involved? No one. We have a war that is even less necessary than Vietnam but we have very little honest coverage of the war itself. It's shocking how many people really don't care or have any knowledge of this war. As for injuries we're right up there with World War One again. Some of the worst injuries and damages to lives happened in that war. Many soldiers were homeless afterward. Brain damaged and mutilated. Many are from this war. In fact the amount of PTS disorder is shocking. Why are we ruining so many lives? For a war that is not necessary, or truthful, but with an outcome of so much damage to Americans?

It just does not make sense.

As for why Harry Nilsson is sitting on top of this blog. I'm in a Harry mood. Well, I'm usually in a Harry mood. So they'll be much Harry this week. Enjoy Harry!

Bye! Have a good day!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What's New Democrat? Woah,Woah

Democrat, Democrat, You're so thrilling and I'm so willing to side with you

...and so are many others!


It's always a thrilling experience to know not only might the republican reign of infinite stupidity and all in all head shaking moments might be over soon...oh and yes democrats could celebrate last night as the bastard child of St. patricks day, new years eve, and superbowl Sunday...drunken happy fools, a new start,and sitting in a bar watching television for the most recent updates.

I think we should call it St. Nears Bowl Day. Or tricksevebowl.

Well actually both of those stink so let's just go with the ever popular and VERY mature

"Nah Nah! Nah Nah Republicans! Nah Nah Nah!

In other news,

That town somewhere lost in the middle of new jersey somewhere that I often complain of has been complaining about something themselves. In fact, they have so much to say they've been protesting at town meetings.

They do not want a cell tower built near them for fear of it in the future causing cancer.


Most of these women who are protesting the arrival of the cell tower go to the tanning salon weekly.

You know that cancer free UV rays box with all the pretty blue and white lights that burn?


Completely forgetting the fact that there is a war going on.

"What war?"

"What do you mean what war...the war in Iraq"

"Oh that, right. I don't really pay attention to that"

I have this conversation at least 4-6 times a week.

With a different person each time. It's amazing how little so much of America cares about something until it's entering their own backyard.


There's been enough cancer in my family for me to have a slightly jaded view over all of it. Part of it I'm sure is just a sliver of glass masking a giant fear over it.

Isn't that how it is with everything people mask? A giant issue bandaged by something very flimsy and with a large pronouncement written over it.

But honestly at this point what doesn't give you cancer? There are the obvious things you probably shouldn't do. In truth you might as well just live as best you can.

But yelling at everyone to protest a cell tower while your baking in an oven of UV goodness?

What's wrong with you!?

You look like tree bark and you're a walking punchline! I don't want to listen to you! I want to go and protest something worthwhile. Hey, I'll even hang out with those crazy PETA people at that point.

It's one of those moments where you can just see them waking up and saying

"Hmm shop at Nordstrom or protest cancer causing machines? Get my nails done or protest cancer causing machines? Work on my tan or protest cancer causing machines? Oh I know! I'll go to the tanning salon and then buy a new outfit at Nordstrom so I can protest cancer causing machines...and then since that was so much work I'll get my nails done and since THAT was so much work..I'll get a few more bottles of Prozac. By the way did you know I hate my children and my husband?"

That was a reenactment.

It has occurred.

There is a reason I often run a muck before I go to New Jersey. Happy, happy thoughts.

Now just to make sure this is obvious. I do not have an issue with people from New Jersey in general. I do tend to be bigoted against republicans...I just wonder what's in the water sometimes.




Monday, November 06, 2006

Blogger Likes Birdies

Finally! I can return to my beloved blog after quite an absence.

Blogger was acting quirky for quite some time on my computer...or it may have been the fact that my computer was acting quirky. Either way after a long bored and lost time I was pleased to see my original blog had not died as I thought it had.

It's been a very interesting although less than constructive break. Trey had his birthday party which I photographed...and my mother decided to crop all of my arsty angles and shading. The children were all in halloween costumes so it was a very thrilling circus wonka's factory experience...and my mother cropped them as we have that kind of relationship...I mashed her lipstick by accident, she crops my pictures...passive aggressive love and revenge :)

Halloween was excellent.

Still fuming over various politicians.

Muzzy is still a terrierist. Though a lovely sweet one.

Yule the fish has a new "high tech" tank.

New York is doing well, we've hit november so it's still very pretty.

And my stepfather and I bonded over Craig Crawford..hmm

Well night folks! Be back very very soon :)