Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Eve Part One

Ugh. I've been slugging about all day with moments of pacing and lots of Bowie to listen to. I have the feeling this could be a three part blog throughout the night as it's already bothering me, yet the night hasn't begun.

My father is dealing badly with aches and pains, my mother has called twice as I'm sure her own New Years plans have fallen through and she's wondering where that daughter of hers might be. Still haven't returned her call as I'm working on the gall and ability to make my plans sound much worse than they are to make hers much better in comparison. They might be just that bad, but as the night hasn't begun yet I can't take that chance!

Off to friends party/birthday/my birthday (despite pleading for her to leave it for her own birthday celebration)tonight where I know very few people...Actually I think she doesn't either as her mother has taken over the party because like all of my friends "I need to be celebrated" parties...They fall apart before they've begun. I'm feeling a little lost, gone are my normal New Years Eves of walking about the city or during some years New Jersey and making short but interesting conversation with others doing the same. Now I'll be sitting in a room watching as my friend tries to ply me with liquor (I get drunk much too easily so I prefer cola, what's the point of being drunk off of a few sips to want to fall asleep after a few more?) so she can begin her appeal for a menage a trois with pompous boyfriend du jour or just act out her ever recurring idea that I am an unknown extension of her and she can do as she wants and place thoughts into my obviously vacant and vapid ditz mind.

Help me.

Haha, I have very few female friends my own age. Any females I do know that I don't believe have moments of utter derangement are a bit older (more than a bit) as the two or so I'm actually friendly with are known for having the more than occasional "brain fart" and suddenly believing I'm out for something in the male species and am going to take all of the attention (somehow...I have no idea how!)away!!!! It's all part of a master plan I had involved Hussein in and now that he is dead it has failed.

Speaking of which, why is he dead? He found a lovely way through this to martyr himself forever as THE terrorist icon. It's disturbing...And worthless. I found out at a Patti Smith concert on Friday that he'd actually been executed. Smith's words on the matter? There should not be any celebration on this.

It's absolutely true. This hasn't done any good for anyone and it probably will make it worse. BUT there must be a plan to look like someone's doing something right!???

I mean, next to watching reality television.

Well, it will either be interesting or very dramatic and shudder inducing (at least that's what I've been telling myself for a month and a half). I wish that my friend was not turning me into a centerpiece as well as entertainment. I also wish that she had not told me she was giving me my gift tonight rather than on Tuesday and that I had to read the card aloud to a room full of strangers.

It's all about performance, I feel used. I'm kidding. I do though. It's one thing to give someone a gift in an intimate you are my friend this is for you situation but to make the card a speech that I have to read and not her, it just seems weird. She also would like impromptu speeches about her and how she's affected everyone's lives.

I'm sure I'll be back to blogger during the night though in what state I don't know. However, now I'm off to CrawfordsList as I hear it's rocking tonight!

Gabba Gabba Hey :)

Have a great New Years Eve :)



Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I don't believe in Nixon, I just believe in me.

The FBI files on John Lennon have been released after a settlement. The settlement basically allows that more of the original information is visible. In the older documents large paragraphs were "blacked out"...maybe because their reasons for Lennon's investigation and attempted deportation had no real just cause?


It's very interesting to look over, like a Tiger Beat biography gone republican. For whatever John Lennon's problems in his personal life could be he was a great speaker and mind. Although he isn't alive for this lovely war his ideas connect more than before (if that is even possible). The allegations tend toward outrageous and were in fact proved very untrue.

John was very left wing but he did not join any groups that were of the "extreme" nature.

For anyone interested go take a peek at the articles here:

Plus lots of other fun things to go take a peek at while you're at it.

News for me,

La Monster Migraine is preventing me from sketching. Argh. Muzzy the Mooch is bothered by me at the moment...and yet the world still spins.

Huh. :)

Merry Early Christmas! And since it's Christmas (and what have you done) and it's a Lennon enthusiastic blog (another blog over) is my friend.

War is Over if You Want it.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Good Afternoon!

Ahh the holidays.

If there's ever been a possibility of happiness and hell wrapped with a bow, it's probably the holidays.

Unless you count the idea of someone assassinating Bush...Then we'd get Cheney.

So either the reason no one's attempted squat (No I am not for murder but come on it's Bush)is that Americans are intelligent enough to know we'll get Cheney.

...Or they're just bored and watching reality television again.


What is worse? The puppet or the puppet master.

Last night I took place in a heated argument in which a few members had a bit too much wine, so part of it didn't necessarily make sense.

Some believe (I do not) that Bush is just an idiot. I believe he's a sociopath and an idiot and his actions are in fact quite evil and despicable.

There was a very rosy hue immediately after the elections, people were happy and a lot (including myself) very surprised. It was a great wonderful shock. Now the hue has worn off and mostly from what I've gathered "Independent Voters" really aren't expecting much from the democrats.


There is something I don't agree with when it comes to "Independent Voters"...and yes I know that by referring to them as that makes it seem a little snide and sarcastic...honestly that's not what I think. I don't agree with the idea that there is no difference to the "Republican Party" and the "Democratic Party". There are many similarities and being a Republican or a Democrat does not make one right or wrong.

It's always just the people involved.

Truthfully, I'm very bigoted against Republicans.

I don't like or associate myself with any of their "ideals". I do very much believe in the rights of individuals one in particular being gay marriage. I think that with most democrats even if they don't agree with gay marriage they get that it's not their decision and they do not have the right to even attempt to say who can or cannot be married. Being gay has never been a choice, it isn't right to be bigoted against anyone black, white, muslim, chinese, hispanic, jewish, etc. Being a homosexual despite many beliefs that it is a choice is not. AT ALL. Well, wait. Let's see, you can make the choice to stay in the closet and be miserable and not feel whole. Otherwise it's all the exact same thing...for everyone. Get married, don't get married...whatever.

However, in my still farthead eighteen almost ninteen year old brain it is absolutely fair to be bigoted against Republicans.

I'm open to changing my mind on that if any Republican doesn't come off as a fool.

But c'mon, you voted for Bush...TWICE!??!?

Haha, Happy Monday!