Saturday, October 14, 2006



"Huh?" was the first thought that popped into my head on Wednesday. Laying on my back on the cool wood floor and staring up at the lighting fixture gloomily dark despite the sun dripping through the glass windows.

Perhaps, it was annoyed at its lack of use.

The second thought was "What the..." which occured after I caught sight of my very young brother Trey's face looking pleased with himself or myself...depending on how he thought this had happened.

My six and a half (soon to be seven) year old brother had somehow flipped me onto my back when I'd advanced on him. The last thought that occured before the necessary counter tickle attack (vicious eh?) was a simple "Ow."

I'm still completely confused as to what he did to flip me on my back...actually so is he. He believed I had done it on purpose.

I had egged him on in our normal goofy way "C'mon Mr. Freeze! (His nickname in idea why exactly)C'mon Mr. Tasty Freeze! (Our following nickname for him at home) And finally C'mon Karate Man!

I said karate man so I got karate man!

Two things to say on that:

Hurrah! Trey can protect himself...phew!



I've been on a tylenol sea for the past few days on and off (the pill not the blogger)that funny little man pulled a muscle or something in my back and nothing is stretching it out at the moment.

Poor Trey, he's not quite over it. Though kind of enjoying it as well. I mean how often do you get to flip your eleven year difference sister?

And not get in trouble! (Yes, it was my fault..and Yes. He does know better)

But! In other more interesting less back related news!!!

Former congressman Foley is STILL bringing republicans heads to shame...somehow?

It seems like such a played out used story. It will be a lifetime movie in less than a year.

Those crazy republicans. I'm sorry I am bigoted against republicans. I try very hard not to be, but it just gets down right impossible doesn't it? I can't imagine how anyone would want to associate themselves with this era of republicans.

Hooray! Un-treated alcoholics! In the closet everything! Hypocrites! Liars! Cheaters! Pumpkin Eaters!

I don't have a problem with pumpkin eaters.

I swear.

Oh and Mel Gibson is apologizing and not apologizing again. He's sick of apologizing. He still does love the sound of his own voice though.

Don't we all?



Less tylenol *the pill not the blogger :)* induced rants soon :)

I love this song :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Rubber Sole Soul Sole Soul Sole

I lost the heel of my cowboy boot last night.

Not the entire heel, just the rubber sole.

My father said as I lost my heel, I lost my footing.

Which is the absolute truth because I have no idea where I was last night.

Wait, strike that.

I do know, I just did not want to know.

Oh well, adieu old rubber sole.

Must go to shoe repair.

Rubber Sole meet Rubber Soul :)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

And Still You're All Going To Be Doing Fine

Fall has approached and come and seen and chilled and moreso...angered.

Why are people so god awful moody with a bit of a chill? I thrive on it!

Took the train in to get home from my mother's...not quite as lovely as the last. Possibly because of the moods that erupted from the people around me...or just not the right day.

Saturday people running into my city to see a show, or meet with friends, dance, or anything. It's great, fantastic even...but don't poop all over my party. I like the train ride, I like the chilly weather. I like my mittens that are made for children (ages 4-7...I have small hands eek!)...and we all know what it's like to be stared at. But sometimes I don't want to be focused on that much.

Especially by a few snarky girls. Actually I just was contemplated by the first group. The second group whom I passed while getting off the train and smiled at (in the hopefully least yech way) and later stood on a platform near for my connecting train inched towards me and glared and later heard what was clearly pointed in my direction a very dersive "Bitch.." and then the three broke out into giggles.

What the hell?

I looked at them for a moment and they glanced at me and then said let's move down to the next section.

This is not a Woody Allen moment. I do not have intense moment of paranoia. I'm usually zoned out into my own world so that the only thing that does wake me up from it IS something directly meant towards me.

Otherwise I'm just kind of not listening.

Yech, well people today were just plain weird in general. Granted, Penn Station...not too fun always.

Grand Central Station...Fun.


Dirty with big red light district signs.

Oooh! A big neon sign! Prostitution! Prostitution! Derelicte Delights!

Oh wait. It says shoe repair...huh?

The large crowds of bored cops doesn't help. They look so indifferent and deadly tired. I almost feel like running up yelling "I've got it! I've got a big bomb! Run from my big bomb!" Just for the chase.

Like you do with the dog who's been laying on your carpet boring holes into the back of your head.

Come on Muzzy, I'm a big squirrel! Chase me, chase me!!!!

I didn't though. They had guns...and in my knapsack that was supposedly carrying a bomb I had my damp knit hat, various dirty clothing, and vaseline.

Never leave home without my vaseline.

In fact, the only time I finally found someone in a good mood was in Starbucks. Desperate for coffee and my eager mood back I ran in for a chai latte.

But face it if you were around that much caffeine all day, wouldn't you be happy too?

Either that or quite paranoid and hearing angry women say bitch to you.

It's all the mind you know.

Well, I'm glad to be back home.

Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering...where it will go-o-o

Not a hole but a wall. Actually about four. Strange abstract shapes are beginning to take place on my walls to cover old paint and coffee stains that somehow flew from their cups onto my walls sprinkling and dripping down like dirty brown raindrops.

As well as circles, cartoons, and letters...oh my!

Somehow still slightly sick and have caught a bug of some sort, but I needed some arty project of some sort or my mind was going to swallow me up whole.

(Despite some very slowly drawn drawings, and slightly lost piano playing)

However, I like my mind to wander. I think most people do. It's a very comforting thing being left to your own thoughts (if your thoughts are for the most part positive)

Mine usually are.

But of course in sick brain land your mind can go to very funny places. And very weird contemplations.

For one,

Basil (BAAH-ZIL) Is a very cool name.

For two,

Friends do date utter morons.

For three,

I could live off of canned black olives, broccoli rabe, and eggplant for the rest of my life.


What could you live off of?

Really, what could you live off of?

Oh and cherries. Although I hear they make you sick if you eat too many.

To the joy of my father and uncle the new "Doctor Who" series is bringing back the beloved K-9...too bad I like the show now, yet another thing that slices friday nights into a mad dash for a cab...stopping only at a deli for something slightly inedible and running upstairs 5-10 minutes after the show has's always 5-10 minutes after it's started...I'm always 5-10 minutes Doctor. Who!

Things I could never ever do: Kill someone, have a cubicle, eat meat again, leave new york city for too long, do math, be a republican, and wear ugg's.

I like ugg's. I just can't imagine spending that much money on something that looks and feels like a pair of slippers.

If it looks like slippers and feels like slippers and costs close to $200're crazy!

Well, it's been a long enough day although the sun began to set at about 5:50...yowch, haven't seen that for awhile :)

Happy Tuesday...and Happy Wednesday...and so on and so on and scooby dooby dooby.

Oh by the way this is my bug...isn't he a hip lil' sickener?

Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus Sympathy for The Devil :)