Friday, June 22, 2007

Point big brother over there maybe?

The new happiest place on earth.

Dick Cheney's mind.

Oh wait, no that's just the nauseating backwash.

Gotta love those cheap thrills.

So Cheney's in the news this week for being something I'd like to use a more derogatory word for than well, a hypocrite.

A big foul deceitful hypocrite....but a hypocrite.

Later on in the week he's been noted for being secretive.

Illusive, even.

But still mostly just a lying, evasive, foul (yes often foul) and disruptive old fart.



Because I find it irritating to consistently spout "Now what?" whenever something else runs badly (or foul) in the white house. There's no shock value left, just disgust. NOW what? I want to be completely shocked by what goes on, instead I'm just left feeling interrupted.

Of course not just that, but first of all the news channels have become more and more pornographic. Whose interest are you trying to pique?? Just say what's going on. Don't try to grab some one's ears. It would be fantastic if more people on the news said what they're actual opinion was. But there is the truth that you can't. They can't. Get fired, make enemies, start a problem...Or a dozen.

So we're left with artful nodding, slight eyebrow raising, nervous chuckle, and sympathetic noise.

Now back to you.

I don't want Dick Cheney or his office to have any secrecy. Any privacy. Now of course that wouldn't work. But I loathe these people. I have no ability to trust whatever his office does...Or says. Does anyone really? Cheney could dish out his entire life story " was never easy for me. I was born a poor black child. I remember the days, sittin' on the porch with my family, singin' and dancin' down in..." and so forth.

He could be completely truthful, I wouldn't trust him for a second.

Nor, do we really have any reason to.

And Bush is just an empty despicable vessel who also happens to be a sadistic bastard.

We have all of this hideous reality television, let's just destroy every show that's on the networks and replace it with hidden cameras and recordings depicting EVERYTHING that goes on it the white house.

Then they'll be DVD sales with outtakes and bloopers...and no more f**king privacy for the Bush Administration.

And we wouldn't tell them we were taping them.

Okay, it's tapping. And no it wouldn't work.


It would save the news channels from having to feel "ear catching".

And more people would pay attention if it were in the "reality show" mold.

Haha, now would that make the country a little less foul or a little more foul.

Linus if you're still out there waiting for the Great Pumpkin, I'll come out and sit with you and wait for November 2008.

I wonder who's going to be waiting longer?

Have a great weekend all!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Don't watch the news...just yet.

After a night of semi-horrible painting (it happens) I turned on a Mario Cantone program in hopes of seriously chilling out. His sister was my much remembered Theatre teacher all through elementary school. She was pretty intense.

I always loved the school, I'm a big fan of old buildings in general and it's a beautiful big building...But it was a great school. When I was going there, there were a lot of other kids with parents who were writers or artists as well so it was a lot of fun.

My favorite part of the school was the fact that James Cagney attended it growing up...and was kicked out quite a few times while in attendance. My last year there was I think a centennial so they asked the graduating students what they thought we should do. I wanted a plaque dedicated to James Cagney.

It didn't happen. It might have by now, which would be very cool if it did. I hope they didn't spend it on something silly like better basketball hoops.

Huff! Just kidding. It was a great school though. And with a lot of interesting teachers. Some more determined to be interesting than others. Often a little mind boggling.

And in other news?

I hate watching the news lately. There's such a huge overfocus on people and things that are useless. I hate that the war is almost like an after thought.

It's very easy to say "Bush is an asshole."...And then do nothing. No voting, no protesting, no independent thought.

A whole lot of Paris Hilton this week though.

God, please no more Paris Hilton coverage. It's infuriating. WAR GOING ON NOW.

I feel very guilty though.

If I were catholic, I'd do penance.

First thoughts when the breaking news tagline "PARIS BACK TO JAIL" popped up...with the under note of a medical condition she needed fixin' for?


But really, who wasn't!??!

Haha. Sorry about that Paris.

So can we draft certain people to Iraq? Just certain people, you know. Go on, think of a few names!

I've spent the last few weeks taking care (Okay fine, part time nanny...Nanny, yeesh.) of the two year old who shall remain nameless.

Conversations with PinkZilla:

"Can I bite you?"

"Well, no."


...The only little kid I've never been able to communicate with. She makes me a little nervous to be honest.

So that's what's going on for the moment.

By the way, happy 1st birthday to my blog.

Cake, ice cream, and Paris Hilton footage for EVERYONE!


The earliest class photo I could find. 1942. Very cool.